Green Energy & Industries

Tc international Company offers the top brands and the best prices for Renewable and Non-Renewable energy sources, specially on Wind Turbines & Solar panels from trusted and well known  manufacturing companies in all over the world.   Through our global network, professional teams, independent sources, honest and strong relationship, we are able to supply your needs in the shortest time and lowest cost.

Hybrid Power Systems

Hybrid power systems include a combination of energy sources. The energy sources might be solar arrays; wind turbines, diesel generators, biomass plants, or others. Together, these sources provide the total energy required by the l

The general purpose of the hybrid system is to get the best benefits of each technology while reducing some of the disadvantages. A pure stand-alone PV system, for example, requires very little maintenance but depends on the amount of sunlight for all its energy.

On the other hand, a diesel generator can provide a dependable amount of energy whenever it is required, but it requires fuel and frequent maintenance. A hybrid system using both a PV array and diesel engine can provide energy regardless of changing weather patterns with less maintenance and fuel use than a dedicated prime-power engine. This illustrates how the features and benefits of each energy source are blended in a hybrid system.

Hybrid systems can take many forms, and there is no single design that is best for every situation. Instead, the hybrid designer must consider the different technologies and components available and then choose a combination that best fit the particular requirements. Good hybrid design consists of finding a balance between many factors.

The knowledge base company of our group is one of the most effective institutions in designing , consulting and studies for chemicals production and packaging , distribution and trading them all over the world one of the most high quality our products is ” Cysteine ” which is used in food and pharmaceutical industries.

Whit the aim of more protecting the environment this division has been established and has an efficient role in management trading and producing granules from P.E.T and recycled materials with 500 MT per month as the initial capacity